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What Venus means in your birth chart

what venus means in the birth chart the planet of love and money

Discovering the meaning of Venus in the birth chart is a fascinating journey in astrology, revealing nuances about love, beauty and personal values that shape our experience of life. Venus, known in Roman mythology as the goddess of love and beauty, occupies a prominent place in astrological study, exerting a significant influence on our relationships, aesthetic preferences and approach to personal and material values.

Venus takes 225 days to complete its orbit of the zodiac; it is never more than 47 degrees from sun. It is a feminine energy and governs both Taurus as Libra and Monday e Seventh Houses.

What Venus means in the birth chart

When exploring Venus in astrology, we dive into a universe where emotion and aesthetics intertwine, shaping how we connect with others and value the nuances of art and beauty in our lives. This planet, with its subtle and seductive influence, not only guides our love and emotional relationships, but also sheds light on our aesthetic sense and financial approaches.

In this article, we'll navigate the waters of Venus in the birth chart, discovering how this luminary uniquely impacts every aspect of our lives, from relationships to the expression of our most intrinsic values.

Venus in Modern Astrology: Love, Beauty and Values from a Contemporary Perspective

venus in modern astrology

In contemporary astrology, Venus in the birth chart emerges as a central figure, symbolizing crucial aspects of love, pleasure and personal values. This planet, known for its association with the Roman goddess of love, is not just limited to romance; it is a herald of harmony, beauty and everything that brings satisfaction and joy to human life. By understanding Venus in the birth chart, we uncover deeper layers of our personality, directly influencing the way we interact in our personal relationships, appreciate the arts and manage our resources.

Venus in the birth chart acts like a mirror, reflecting our tendencies in love and partnerships. It governs attraction, not only in the romantic sense, but also attraction to everything we consider beautiful and valuable. This includes our approach to art, fashion, music and all forms of aesthetic expression. On a more practical note, Venus also influences our finances and the way we value and use our material resources.

In addition, Venus in astrology points to the need for balance and harmony. Its position in the birth chart can reveal how we seek peace and understanding in our relationships, how we deal with diplomacy and how we express our affection. Venus encourages gentleness in interactions, fostering an environment of mutual understanding and acceptance.

Understanding the influence of Venus in the birth chart is vital for a complete understanding of our approach to love, beauty and values. It nuances the way we express affection, define what is important to us and seek pleasures that enrich our lives. Therefore, by exploring Venus in the birth chart, we gain valuable insights into these very fundamental aspects of the human experience.

Venus and Love: Deciphering Affective Relationships in the Birth Chart

venus in the birth chart and love

Venus, in the astrological context, is often celebrated as the planet of love, playing a fundamental role in the way we experience and express our romantic feelings. Venus' influence on love life is profound and multifaceted, acting as a guide to understanding our desires, preferences and approaches in emotional relationships.

The position of Venus in the birth chart can reveal a lot about our style of loving and the type of partner we are attracted to. For example, someone with Venus in Aries may have a direct and enthusiastic approach to love, preferring dynamic and energetic relationships. On the other hand, Venus in Libra suggests a search for balance and harmony in relationships, valuing diplomacy and mutual understanding.

Venus also impacts how we express affection and appreciate romantic gestures. Someone with Venus in their birth chart in Taurus, for example, may value stability and tangible demonstrations of love, such as gifts and physical comfort. Meanwhile, Venus in Pisces may indicate a more dreamy and idealistic approach, seeking a deep emotional connection and transcendental romance.

In addition, Venus influences the way we deal with issues of commitment and fidelity in relationships. The position of Venus in the birth chart can indicate our willingness to commit and what we value in a long-term partnership. For example, Venus in the Capricorn birth chart may suggest a serious and traditional approach to commitment, while Venus in the Gemini birth chart may indicate a preference for variety and open communication in relationships.

Understanding the influence of Venus on love is therefore a key to unlocking our preferences, needs and ways of interacting in relationships. By analyzing Venus in the birth chart, we can gain valuable insights into our romantic patterns, helping us to form more satisfying and fulfilling relationships.

Venus and Aesthetics: The Influence of Beauty and Art on Astrology

venus in astrology and aesthetics

Venus, in the astrological sphere, is notoriously associated not only with love, but also with the aesthetic sense, beauty and art. This planet's influence on aesthetics is profound, shaping our preferences, inclinations and the way we perceive and create beauty in our lives. To understand Venus in astrology is therefore to unlock the secrets of our artistic tastes and our expression of beauty.

In the birth chart, the position of Venus can say a lot about our personal style, the types of art that attract us and even the way we decorate our personal space. For example, a person with Venus in Virgo in their birth chart may have a penchant for detailed and meticulous art, valuing precision and aesthetic perfection. A Venus position in Sagittarius, on the other hand, may indicate a preference for bolder, more experimental styles that reflect a search for deeper meanings.

Venus' influence also extends to our musical and literary preferences and all forms of creative expression. Venus in the Scorpio birth chart, for example, can translate into an attraction to intense, profound and even mysterious themes in the arts, while Venus in the Libra birth chart can reveal a love of harmony, balance and classical beauty.

In addition, Venus influences the way we interact with the world of fashion. The position of Venus can reflect on our style of dress and how we choose to present ourselves to the world. For example, Venus in the Leo birth chart may favor a more glamorous and showy style, while Venus in the Aquarius birth chart may indicate a more original and unconventional approach to fashion.

Venus in astrology is a vital indicator of our aesthetic and artistic preferences. It not only guides our choices in terms of art and beauty, but also influences the way we express our own creativity and aesthetic sense. By understanding the position of Venus in our birth chart, we gain valuable insights into what attracts us aesthetically and how this manifests itself in different aspects of our lives.

The Influence of Venus on the Birth Chart

Venus in the Signs and Elements: Diversity of Influences in the Astrological Chart

The position of Venus in the zodiac signs and the influence of the elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) are fundamental to understanding the diversity of Venus' expressions in the birth chart. Each sign and element brings a unique coloration to the characteristics of Venus, influencing the way we experience and express love, beauty and values.

  • Venus in the Signs of Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): In these signs, Venus in the birth chart expresses its energy in more dynamic and enthusiastic ways. In Aries, for example, Venus can bring a direct and passionate approach to love, while in Leo, Venus' expression can be dramatic and generous, seeking attention and admiration. In Sagittarius, Venus favors adventure and exploration, both in love and in the appreciation of art and culture.
  • Venus in the Signs of Terra (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Here, Venus emphasizes stability, sensuality and pragmatism. In Taurus, Venus finds one of its domiciles, highlighting the love of the beautiful and comfortable things in life. In Virgo, Venus' influence becomes more discreet and detail-oriented, valuing precision and usefulness. In Capricorn, Venus expresses itself in a more reserved and serious way, seeking security and commitment.
  • Venus in the Signs of Air (Twins, Libra, Aquarius): In these signs, Venus in the birth chart promotes communication, socialization and innovation. In Gemini, the influence of Venus stimulates curiosity and versatility in relationships and aesthetic appreciation. In Libra, another Venus domicile, there is a search for balance, harmony and beauty in relationships and art. In Aquarius, Venus favors original and unconventional approaches to both love and artistic expression.
  • Venus in the Signs of Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Here, Venus emphasizes sensitivity, emotion and depth. In Cancer, Venus brings a focus on affection, protection and emotional security. In Scorpio, Venus' influence can be intense and passionate, seeking deep and transformative relationships. In Pisces, Venus expresses her more romantic, idealistic and compassionate side.

Understanding Venus in the birth chart in the signs and elements offers a rich and diverse insight into how we experience love, beauty and values in our personal journey, helping to create a more complete picture of our birth chart and our unique expression in the world.

Venus in the Houses of the Birth Chart: A Guide to Understanding Its Influences in Various Areas of Life

In astrology, the houses of the birth chart represent different areas of our lives, and the position of Venus in each of these houses reveals how the planet influences specific aspects such as relationships, finances and personal pleasures. Venus, known for its association with love, beauty and values, when positioned in different houses, sheds light on how these themes manifest in our daily lives. This topic explores the significance of Venus in the birth chart in each astrological house, offering insights into how its energies intertwine with life experiences and lessons in various spheres.

By understanding the position of Venus in the houses of the birth chart, we gain a deeper insight into the dynamics of our personal relationships, our approach to financial stability and even how we seek and experience pleasure and joy in life. This detailed analysis provides a valuable tool for self-knowledge and personal development, revealing how we can harmonize the energies of Venus with the needs and challenges of the different areas of our existence.

Venus in the HouseInfluence
Venus in House 1Personal charisma
Venus in House 2Financial appreciation
Venus in House 3Harmonious communication
Venus in House 4Love of home and family
Venus in House 5Creative expression of love
Venus in House 6Health care
Venus in House 7Love relationships
Venus in House 8Intimacy and transformation
Venus in House 9Love of knowledge
Venus in House 10Artistic or love career
Venus in House 11Harmonious friendships
Venus in House 12Love of spirituality

Venus in House 1: The Self

When Venus is positioned in House 1, also known as the house of the Ascendant, it exerts a direct influence on personal expression and self-image. Individuals with Venus in this house often display a natural charm and a preoccupation with appearance and personal style.

This position of Venus can reflect a personality that seeks harmony and beauty in their personal interactions, as well as a tendency to attract people easily due to their magnetism and charm. This placement also suggests a diplomatic and gentle approach to relating to the world, seeking balance and beauty in personal experiences.

Venus in House 2: Personal Values and Resources

Venus in House 2, the house of material resources and personal values, highlights a predisposition to value financial security and material comfort. People with this position of Venus in their birth chart may have a special talent for attracting resources and a keen taste for luxury and quality. There is also a strong connection with personal values, indicating that such individuals value relationships and situations that reflect their own beliefs and what they consider important.

Venus in this house can indicate a tendency to find pleasure and satisfaction in material possessions and the accumulation of wealth.

Venus in House 3: Communication and Learning

With Venus in the 3rd house, the house of communication, learning and everyday interactions, there is an emphasis on the ability to communicate with grace and diplomacy. This position can indicate an interest in aesthetic or artistic matters and a talent for expressing these interests through speech or writing.

Individuals with Venus in the 3rd house tend to have harmonious relationships with siblings, neighbors and colleagues, and can do well in activities involving mediation, teaching or sales. Learning can be a pleasurable experience for these people, especially when it relates to themes linked to beauty, art and culture.

Venus in House 4: Home and Family

In the 4th House, which relates to home, family and roots, Venus has a profound influence on domestic life and family relationships. This position suggests a strong desire to create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environment at home. There may be a special interest in decorating, gardening or any other form of beautifying the domestic environment.

The presence of Venus in the birth chart here also indicates a deep emotional connection with the family and a great value placed on peace and comfort within the family. People with Venus in House 4 seek emotional security and stability in family relationships, and can be the "heart" of the home.

Venus in the 5th House: Creativity and Personal Expression

When Venus in the birth chart is in the 5th house, the sphere of creativity, personal expression and romance is emphasized. This position suggests a strong inclination towards artistic expression and an approach to love marked by pleasure and joy. People with Venus in the 5th House tend to have a vibrant love life and look for partners who share their passion for fun and creative expression.

This position of Venus also indicates a natural talent for artistic activities and a great ability to find pleasure and satisfaction in hobbies and pastimes. Relationships with children, if any, can be particularly affectionate and based on shared creative interests.

Venus in the 6th House: Work and Health

Venus in the 6th house, related to work, daily routine and health, the presence of Venus in the birth chart suggests a harmonious and balanced approach to these aspects of life. Individuals with Venus in this house can find pleasure in their working environment and often get involved in professions related to beauty, art or human relations.

There is also an inclination to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, with special attention to aesthetics and well-being. This position can indicate an ability to deal with everyday tasks in a pleasant and harmonious way, creating beauty and comfort even in small routines.

Venus in the 7th House: Relationships and Partnerships

Venus in the 7th house, the house of partnerships and relationships, is a very favorable position, since this house naturally resonates with Venus' qualities. Here, the focus is on interpersonal relationships, especially love and business relationships. People with this position in their birth chart tend to attract attractive and harmonious partners and can have great success in partnerships of all kinds.

This placement also suggests a natural ability for negotiation and diplomacy, as well as a search for balance and fairness in relationships. Commitment and harmony in relationships are extremely important for those with Venus in the 7th house.

Venus in the 8th House: Transformation and Resource Sharing

With Venus in the 8th house, which deals with transformation, regeneration and the sharing of resources, issues of intimacy and emotional fusion come to the fore. This position can indicate a deep emotional and financial involvement with partners and an intense and passionate approach to intimate relationships. There may be an interest in matters involving shared finances, inheritances or investments.

On an emotional level, Venus in the 8th house suggests an ability to experience profound transformations through relationships, with a strong desire for deep and meaningful connections.

Venus in the 9th House: Exploration and Philosophy

With Venus in the 9th house, the quest for knowledge, adventure and expanding horizons is emphasized. This position of Venus in the birth chart indicates a love of learning, whether through formal education, travel or exploring different cultures and philosophies. Individuals with Venus in this house are often drawn to experiences that broaden their worldview, including foreign travel and relationships with people from different cultural backgrounds.

There can also be an interest in subjects related to philosophy, ethics and religion, seeking harmony and beauty in ideas and beliefs. Love can be found in contexts of learning and exploration, whether in a classroom or on a journey to distant lands.

Venus in the 10th House: Career and Public Recognition

In the 10th house, associated with career and public recognition, Venus influences professional career and public image. People with Venus in their birth chart in this position often choose careers related to art, beauty or fields that require social and diplomatic skills. They seek harmony and aesthetics in their work environment and can receive admiration and public recognition for their efforts.

This position of Venus in the birth chart also suggests an ability to form beneficial relationships in the professional environment and a desire to be appreciated and valued in the public arena.

Venus in the 11th House: Friendships and Ideals

Venus in the 11th house puts a special focus on friendships, community and social ideals. This position indicates that relationships with friends and groups are often harmonious and enjoyable.

People with this placement value collaboration and connecting with communities or social movements that reflect their aesthetic and ethical values. There may be an attraction to artistic or cultural groups and a talent for bringing together people with common interests. This position of Venus in the birth chart also suggests that friendships can occasionally turn into romances or creative partnerships.

Venus in the 12th House: Interiorization and Spirituality

With Venus in the 12th House, the area of life linked to internalization, spirituality and the unconscious, there is a tendency to experience love and relationships in a more introspective and spiritual way. This position can indicate secret relationships or a love for the more occult or mystical aspects of life.

There can be a strong sense of compassion and empathy, and a desire to help others in a selfless way. This placement of Venus in the birth chart also suggests a need to balance love life with the need for solitude and spiritual reflection.

Aspects of Venus with Other Planets: Understanding the Affective and Value Dynamics in the Birth Chart

In astrological study, the aspects formed between Venus and other planets in the birth chart are fundamental to understanding the nuances of our emotional lives and our personal values.

These aspects reveal how Venus' energy interacts with the energies of other planets, influencing everything from our way of loving and relating to our aesthetic preferences and financial approaches. Each aspect brings a unique dynamic, unveiling how we combine Venusian qualities with the energies of other celestial bodies.

In this topic, we will explore the main aspects of Venus with other planets, such as conjunctions, oppositions, trines, squares and sextiles. Through this analysis, we will better understand how Venus interacts with Mars' assertiveness, Jupiter's expansion, Saturn's restrictions, among others, shaping our experience of love, art and our values. This in-depth understanding gives us valuable keys to deciphering the birth chart, providing insights into how to balance different areas of our lives and harmonize our relationships and aspirations.

Over the next few sections, we'll delve into the various facets of these aspects, illuminating how Venus' position in relation to other planets can enrich our personal and interpersonal journey.

Venus and the Sun

When Venus forms an aspect with the Sun in a birth chart, the relationship between the ego, personal identity (Sun) and love, beauty and personal values (Venus) is highlighted. A Venus-Sun conjunction can indicate a person whose identity is strongly linked to aesthetics and relationships.

These individuals may possess a natural charm and an attractive personality. Challenging aspects, such as a square or opposition, can point to conflicts between personal needs and relationships, or difficulties in balancing the ego with the ability to give and receive love.

Venus and the Moon

The interaction of Venus and the Moon highlights the connection between emotions, emotional security (Moon) and love and pleasure (Venus). A harmony between Venus and the Moon suggests a natural ability to express affection and a strong need for harmony in personal relationships. It can also indicate an appreciation for beauty and comfort in the domestic environment.

Tense aspects can reveal challenges in reconciling emotional needs with relationship needs, resulting in insecurities or emotional dependencies.

Venus and Mercury

The relationship between Venus and Mercury deals with communication (Mercury) in the context of relationships and aesthetics (Venus). A positive aspect between Venus and Mercury indicates an ability for affectionate and diplomatic communication, as well as an interest in arts that involve the word, such as poetry and writing.

Challenges in this regard can lead to misunderstandings in relationships or difficulties in expressing affection verbally.

Venus and Mars

The aspect between Venus and Mars combines the energies of love and passion (Venus) with action and desire (Mars). A good connection between these planets can result in strong chemistry in romantic relationships and a balanced ability to give and seek love and satisfaction.

Tense aspects can indicate conflicts between personal desires and needs in relationships, or a tendency towards impatience and frustration in love.

Venus and Jupiter

Venus in aspect with Jupiter emphasizes expansion and generosity in relationships and financial matters. A harmonious relationship between Venus and Jupiter suggests optimism and generosity in love, as well as luck and abundance in finances and pleasures.

Challenging aspects can indicate exaggeration or recklessness in these areas, such as overspending or unrealistic expectations in relationships.

Venus and Saturn

The interaction between Venus and Saturn in the birth chart addresses the dynamic between love, beauty and values (Venus) and structure, responsibility and limits (Saturn). A harmonious connection between Venus and Saturn can bring maturity and stability to relationships, with a sense of commitment and loyalty.

These individuals may value long-lasting relationships and have a pragmatic approach to beauty and finances. Challenging aspects, such as squares or oppositions, may indicate difficulties in expressing affection due to inhibitions or fears, or facing restrictions in relationships and finances.

Venus and Uranus

Venus in aspect with Uranus involves the relationship between love and values (Venus) and change, innovation and independence (Uranus). Harmonious aspects can bring an exciting and unconventional approach to love and aesthetics, with an attraction to relationships and unique and innovative artistic expressions.

Challenges in this aspect can indicate instability or unpredictability in relationships, or a tendency towards abrupt break-ups or sudden attractions.

Venus and Neptune

The combination of Venus and Neptune focuses on the union of love, beauty and values (Venus) with spirituality, imagination and idealism (Neptune). A positive relationship between Venus and Neptune can result in a romantic, compassionate and idealistic approach to love, as well as an appreciation for art and beauty that touches the soul.

Tense aspects can lead to illusions or disappointments in love, difficulties in seeing the reality of relationships, or a tendency towards escapism.

Venus and Pluto

Venus in aspect with Pluto highlights the interaction between love and values (Venus) and transformation, power and intensity (Pluto). A positive connection can indicate a deep intensity and passion in relationships, with the ability to transform and renew love and values.

Challenges in this aspect can manifest as obsessions or unbalanced power in relationships, jealousy or the need to control the love dynamic.

Venus and Personal Development: Cultivating Relationships and Self-Esteem

Understanding the influence of Venus in the birth chart is essential for personal development, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships and self-esteem. Venus, as the planet of love, beauty and values, plays a fundamental role in how we relate to others and how we value ourselves.

In the context of relationships, understanding the position and aspects of Venus can help identify patterns in relationships, clarifying what we look for in partners and how we interact with them. By recognizing these tendencies, we can consciously work to form healthier and more satisfying connections. For example, if Venus indicates a tendency towards unbalanced relationships, we can look for ways to establish greater balance and mutual respect.

The position of Venus is also crucial to understanding our self-esteem and how we express ourselves. It can reveal how we perceive ourselves in terms of beauty and value, and how this affects our confidence and self-image. By exploring and understanding these influences, we can develop a deeper self-acceptance and authentic expression of who we are.

In addition, Venus in our birth chart can indicate natural talents and inclinations, especially in areas related to art, aesthetics and harmony. By developing and cultivating these talents, we not only enrich our lives with beauty and pleasure, but also strengthen our self-esteem and sense of personal worth.

Venus influences how we deal with financial and material matters. Understanding this influence can lead to better management of resources and a more balanced approach to money, which in turn can increase a sense of security and stability.

The study of Venus in the birth chart is a valuable tool for self-knowledge and personal growth. It offers insights into our relationships, our self-esteem and our values, helping us to live in a more balanced and harmonious way.

Case Studies and Real Examples: The Influence of Venus on Famous People's Birth Charts

The Influence of Venus on the Olsen Twins' Birth Chart

The Olsen twins, known for their career in entertainment and subsequent foray into the world of fashion, offer an interesting example of the influence of Venus in the birth chart. According to Via AstralWith Venus in Taurus in the 10th house, associated with vocation and professional life, they successfully transitioned from entertainment to the world of fashion.

Venus, representing the arts, proportion, shapes and beauty, in the 12th house of their birth chart, suggests an intuitive perception of collective aesthetic aspirations, something crucial to their success as fashion designers and businesswomen. This astrological configuration indicates a natural ability to capture and express aesthetic trends, aligning them with the demands of the public.

The Influence of Venus in David Bowie's Birth Chart

David Bowie, an icon of music and the arts, had Venus in Sagittarius in his birth chart, accompanied by the Moon in Leo. According to Via AstralThis combination suggests a taste for stardom and different, unusual artistic expressions. Venus in Sagittarius reflects a love of freedom, adventure and an unconventional approach to art, something evident in Bowie's multifaceted career.

He didn't limit himself to music, showing talent in the visual and performing arts as well, attributes that are consistent with the presence of Venus in a sign that values expansion and diversity in creative expressions.

These case studies demonstrate how the position of Venus in the birth chart can be indicative of preferences, talents and real-life paths, especially in relation to relationships, personal tastes and career choices. The Olsen Twins and David Bowie are examples of how Venus uniquely influences each person's individual expression and life path.

Practical Tips Based on Venus: Improving Interpersonal Relationships and Aesthetic Appreciation

Understanding the influence of Venus in your birth chart can be extremely useful for enriching your personal and interpersonal life. Venus, the planet of love, beauty and values, offers many clues as to how we can improve our relationships and aesthetic appreciation. Here are some practical tips based on the qualities of Venus:

  1. Cultivate Diplomacy in Relationships: Venus emphasizes harmony and diplomacy. Practice active listening and empathy in your interactions to build stronger, more peaceful relationships.
  2. Explore your creativity: Venus stimulates creative expression. Engage in artistic activities, such as painting, music or writing, to develop your aesthetic appreciation and personal expression.
  3. Appreciate everyday beauty: Learn to appreciate beauty in the little things. Decorate your personal space, cultivate a garden or simply admire the art and nature around you.
  4. Improve your self-esteem: Venus influences how we value ourselves. Practice self-love and self-acceptance, recognizing your intrinsic beauty and value.
  5. Develop balanced relationships: The position of Venus can indicate how you relate. Work to create a balance between giving and receiving in your relationships.
  6. Cultivate Artistic Relationships: If Venus indicates an inclination towards art, look for partnerships or friendships that share these interests. Together, you can explore the world of art and culture.
  7. Improve your finances: Venus also rules finances. Educate yourself about financial management and find ways to invest in things that bring beauty and joy to your life.

These tips are practical ways to channel the energy of Venus in your life, improving your relationships, self-esteem and appreciation for beauty and art.

Conclusion on the Influence of Venus in the Birth Chart

In this article, we explore the multifaceted significance of Venus in the birth chart and how it influences various areas of our lives. From its impact on emotional relationships and personal expression to its relevance in professional vocation and aesthetic preferences, Venus plays a crucial role in personal and interpersonal development.

Don't forget to check out the video about Venus in the Birth Chart.

Through case studies and real examples, we see how this influence manifests itself in real life. The practical tips offered can help readers take advantage of Venus' qualities to improve their relationships, self-esteem and aesthetic appreciation. In short, understanding Venus in the birth chart is essential for a deeper understanding of emotional relationships and personal values, providing valuable tools for growth and harmony in various dimensions of life.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does Venus mean in a man's birth chart?

    In a man's birth chart, Venus symbolizes what he values and seeks in relationships, as well as his aesthetic preferences and approach to love. It can indicate the type of partner he is attracted to and how he expresses affection.

  2. What does Venus mean in the birth chart?

    Venus in the birth chart represents love, beauty, harmony, personal values and finances. It influences how we relate to each other, our approach to art and aesthetics, and what we value in our personal and material lives.

  3. What is the planet Venus in astrology?

    In astrology, Venus is the planet that rules love, beauty, harmony, values and finances. It symbolizes the way we express affection, our appreciation of aesthetics and art, and how we deal with questions of values, both emotional and material.

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