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Types of Full Moon: Harvest Moon, Blood Moon and Much More!

types of full moon

Embark on a journey of lunar discovery in Western culture and identify the next full moon you see with this list of fascinating full moon names.

What is a Supermoon?

The supermoon is a celestial spectacle that enchants everyone. It is a moon The full moon is getting closer to the Earth, and because of this proximity, it can appear even grander in the sky. In addition to their visual beauty, the moons Full moons have a strong energetic charge, and when a supermoon appears, this energy is enhanced. It is said that supermoons bring with them an extra dose of drama and intensity, making the experience even more special.

Meaning of the harvest moon

A "Harvest Moon" is a magical moment in nature, when the moon full aligns perfectly with autumn equinoxIt's a celebration of the harvest, illuminating the night sky with a special light. It is a celebration of the harvest, marking the end of a growing cycle and preparation for winter. Its appearance, usually in September, is known as the "corn moon", symbolizing abundance and gratitude for the fruits of the earth. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to contemplate the natural beauty and connect with the forces of nature.

Meaning of the Blue Moon

Ever wondered where the expression "once in a blue moon" comes from? Well, now you know. A "blue moon" is the rare occurrence of a full moon happening twice in one month. These events are rare and happen every 2-3 years.

Meaning of the blood moon

Have you ever imagined witnessing a rare and majestic celestial spectacle, such as a moon transformed into a bloody red orb? That's the "blood moon", a phenomenon that only happens during a total lunar eclipseThis is the moment when sunlight is refracted by the Earth's atmosphere, creating a red aura around the moon. It's a unique and magical moment that's well worth seeing.

Full Moon names by month

Did you know that in Western culture, each month's full moon has its own magical name? According to the Farmer's AlmanacThe Native Americans followed the seasons through the moon - and thus gave a special title to each full moon of the year. Imagine, each moon has its own personality and unique energy to accompany you on your annual journey. Isn't that amazing?

January: Wolf Moon

january the wolf's moon
January Full Moon, the Wolf Moon

In the middle of winter, when the cold sets in and darkness sets in, the wolves let out their most intense howls, as if they were a cry of despair. The Native Americans believed it was a sign that the wolves were starving. And that's exactly why the Wolf Moon is called that, in honor of the wolves that are most vulnerable at this time of year.

February: Snow Moon

January: Wolf Moon
February, the Snow Moon

February is the month known for bringing the coldest temperatures of the year in the planet's northern hemisphere, which is why the Snow Moon has its name. With snow falling in droves, it brightens up the coldest nights, but it is also known as the "Hunger Moon" because this was the time when food was scarce and nature was preparing for the long, cold winter season.

March: Worm Moon

March, the Worm Moon

A Worm Moon is a tribute to the renewal of life that comes with the arrival of spring. As earthworms emerge from the depths of the damp earth, they symbolize a new beginning, a new life. rebirth of nature. It is a celebration of the beauty of life and the renewal that takes place in spring.

April: Pink Moon

April-to-the-Pink Moon
April, the Pink Moon... does the moon really turn pink? no 🙁

A pink moon is a tribute to the wildflowers that bloom in the middle of spring, with their bluish-pink petals adorning the fields. These flowers are found in both the USA and Canada, and are a symbol of renewal and natural beauty. This moon is a celebration of nature and its ability to be reborn every year.

May: Flower Moon

May to the Flower Moon
May, the Flower Moon

The emergence of wildflowers is just the prelude to the explosion of colors and fragrances that is spring. Flowers are symbols of renewal and beauty, and their power to transform an empty field into a blooming garden is truly incredible. They are a reminder that, just like flowers, we too can be reborn and flourish, even after the darkest of days. Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth, and flowers are the perfect symbol of this journey.

June: Strawberry Moon

June to the Strawberry Moon
June, the Strawberry Moon

June is the perfect time to savor the sweetness of nature with delicious fresh strawberries picked straight from the field. A "Strawberry Moon" celebrates this delicious fruit, offering us a perfect opportunity to appreciate its sweetness and flavor while the moon shines in the sky. It's a time to celebrate the beauty of spring and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

July: Deer Moon

July, the Deer Moon

Have you ever heard of a deer being reborn in its most powerful form? A Deer Moon is the perfect time for this. With their horns fully grown, they become true masterpieces of nature. In addition, this moon is also known as "Thunder Moon" due to the summer storms that bring the landscape to life. Imagine listening to the roar of thunder while gazing at the majestic full moon.

August: Sturgeon Moon

august the sturgeon moon
August, the Sturgeon Moon

A "Sturgeon Moon" is a tribute to this majestic fish, which is found in some of the largest lakes in the United States. With its unique beauty and imposing size, it is a true symbol of wild and untamed nature. August is the perfect month to admire the majesty of this animal while the moon shines in the night sky.

September: Corn Moon

September to Corn Moon
September, The Corn Moon

The September moon is known as the "Corn Moon", a tribute to the harvest time of this cereal that is so important for many crops. Native Americans, in particular, paid special attention to the moon at this time, as it was the perfect indication of when the corn would be at the right point to be harvested. In addition, this moon is generally known as the Harvest Moon of the year.

October: Hunter's Moon

October-the hunter's moon
October, the Hunter's Moon

A "Autumn Moon" or "Hunter's Moon" shines brightly in the night sky, heralding the end of the harvest and the start of preparations for winter. Also known as "Blood Moon" e "Blood Moon", this full moon has multiple names that reflect its importance in the lives of hunters and farmers, who use its brightness to harvest the last crops and prepare their reserves for the cold months.

November: Beaver Moon

November-to-Castor Moon
November, the Beaver Moon

A "Beaver Moon" is a celebration of an iconic animal that has been an important source of subsistence for Native Americans for centuries. As nature prepares for the arrival of winter, it is the last chance for trappers to capture beavers and prepare their pelts for the long winter. It's an opportunity to pay tribute to these valuable animals and their contribution to the culture and economy of the indigenous peoples.

December: Cold Moon

December to the Cold Moon
December the Cold Moon

And so we come to "Cold Moon", a period marked by the intensity of winter and its threatening presence. With the air freezing around us, this moon symbolizes the height of the coldest season of the year, a time when we need to prepare ourselves to face the storms and challenges that winter will bring. A "Cold Moon" is a reminder that, despite the difficulties, nature continues to renew itself and adapt, and we can do the same.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Moons

Want to know how many full moons there are each year?

Most years have 12 full moons, but some special years have a blue moon, making a total of 13 full moons.

Have you ever wondered what the full moon means?

They emphasize our emotions and make us aware of how we feel. During a full moon, the sun (ego) directly faces the moon (emotions), which can cause many feelings that are difficult to express.

And how long does this "energy" of the full moon last?

In general, it starts 3 to 5 days before the full moon and lasts 3 to 5 days after, being most intense on the day of the full moon.

And if you're wondering whether the full moon affects people, the answer is yes!

If the full moon can affect the ocean tide, how could it not affect us, who are 60% water (according to the USGS)?

And if you want to try full moon water, it's easy!

Just put purified water in a jar and let it rest overnight under the light of the full moon. And if you want to carry your crystals under the full moon, clean them with salt or water and leave them in a place where the moon can shine directly on them.

And how does the full moon affect our mood?

As the moon represents our emotions and the full moon represents the "peak" of our emotions, it's normal for us to be more moody and tired due to the extra emotional energy.

What about sleep?

A study by Science Advances showed that the full moon can cause less sleep, especially on the nights before the full moon.






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