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The Meaning of the Tarot Cards

Learn the meaning of tarot cards

Ah, the Tarot cards! A mystical portal that opens to reveal the secrets of the universe and self-knowledge. The Tarot, with its 78 beautifully drawn cards, is an oracle that has fascinated humanity for centuries. The cards are divided into Major and Minor Arcana and are a mirror of the complexities of human experience and a guide to the spiritual journey. To learn the basics of Tarot reading, see our article "How to read Tarot at home".

See the meaning of each of the major and minor arcana of the Tarot by clicking on the card below.

Major Arcana of the Tarot

The Madman" Tarot Card
The Madman
The Emperor
Strength" Tarot Card
The Hanged Man" Tarot Card
The Hanged Man
The Tower" Tarot Card
The Tower
Judgment" Tarot Card
The Magician" Tarot Card
The Magician
The Hierophant" Tarot Card
The Hierophant
The Hermit" Tarot Card
The Hermit
Death" Tarot Card
The Star" Tarot Card
The Star
The World" Tarot Card
The World
The Priestess" Tarot Card
The Priestess
The Lovers Tarot Card
The Lovers
Wheel of Fortune" Tarot Card
Wheel of Fortune
Temperance" Tarot Card
Tarot card "The Moon"
The Moon
The Empress" Tarot Card
The Empress
The Car" Tarot Card
The Car
Justice" Tarot Card
The Devil" Tarot Card
The Devil
The Sun" Tarot Card
The Sun

Minor Arcana of the Tarot

suit of clubs
Suit of Clubs
suit of hearts
Suit of Hearts
suit of spades
Suit of Spades
suit of diamonds
Suit of Diamonds

The Mystical and Powerful Oracle

The Tarot is a journey of human connection with ancient wisdom and profound knowledge. The game is made up of Minor and Major Arcana, each with its own mystical and magical meaning and symbolism. Tarot cards are much more than just tools for divination; they are keys that open doors to a profound understanding of the human condition and the cosmos. Through these cards, it is possible to get in touch with the Anima Mundi (soul of the world) and access ancestral wisdom, knowledge and memory. Esotericists use the Tarot to facilitate communication and obtain more precise answers from the spiritual plane.

An Invitation to Explore

Each Tarot card is an invitation to explore the unknown, the hidden and the divine. Its symbols, numbers and images are portals that lead us to a deeper understanding of our lives and the universe. The Tarot de Marseille, one of the best-known oracular systems, emerged around 1499 and became popular between the 17th and 18th centuries, with its 78 symbolically-rich blades linked to symbols, images and numbers.

The Spiritual Compass

Tarot cards are often seen as a spiritual compass, helping individuals to understand what is best and which paths to follow. This oracle made up of 78 cards full of powerful symbols offers insights into a person's life and spiritual journey, indicating paths and possible challenges.

The Spectrum of Human Experience

The Tarot is a representation of the spectrum of human experience, with its cards reflecting the ups and downs, challenges and blessings of life. The 22 Major Arcana cards explore universal and archetypal themes, while the 56 Minor Arcana, divided into four suits, deal with the nuances of everyday life. These cards speak directly to our free will and the role we play in the unfolding of life's events. Each figure or number symbolizes an aspect of human consciousness or an experience to be lived, helping us to learn more about life. growth and evolution.

A Dive into the Unknown

Exploring the meaning of Tarot cards is a plunge into the unknown, an invitation to unravel the mysteries of being and the universe. With each reading, a new horizon of understanding opens up, providing insights and deep reflections that can serve as valuable guides on life's journey. The Tarot is a treasure trove of wisdom and a reliable companion in the search for clarity and understanding.


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