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Grandma's Sympathy for Knowing If You're Pregnant

Popular sympathies have been a tradition in Brazilian culture, passing down from generation to generation, offering solutions and answers to various life situations, including pregnancy. Let's explore some traditional sympathies, especially the famous grandma's sympathy to find out if you're pregnantwhich aims to reveal whether a woman is expecting a baby.

Traditional Sympathy and its Cultural Roots

Origins and meanings of Grandma's sympathy

A grandma's sympathy to find out if you're pregnant and its variations emerged from folk wisdom and oral tradition, uniting beliefs, spirituality and the intrinsic connection with natural forces. These practices offer not only a glimpse into the unknown, but also a link to our ancestors, perpetuating ancestral methods of finding answers.

Connecting with the Sacred Feminine

Have you ever wondered: Is there a spell to find out if I'm pregnant? Pregnancy and motherhood are intertwined with the divine feminine. Sympathy, in this context, serves as a channel for connecting with this power, using natural elements and intuition to look for signs and messages.

Grandma's sympathy to find out if you're pregnant

Performing Grandma's sympathy to find out if you're pregnant

Grandma's sympathy to find out if you're pregnant, step by step

Total time: 15 minutes

Space preparation:

Provide a quiet and clean environment, preparing yourself internally through calm and concentration.

Storage of materials:

Place the dish on the white tea towel and fill it halfway with water.

The Needle and the Thread:

Sterilize the needle and insert the white thread, tying a knot at the end so it doesn't slip out.

The Execution of Sympathy:

Dip the needle into the water and observe it for a few moments. If the needle floats, this could indicate a pregnancy.


Contemplate the movements and vibrations of the needle in the water. This is a crucial moment to connect with your intuition and feel the messages being transmitted.


  • Water


  • Dish
  • Needle
  • Line
  • Dishcloth

Materials: 1 white plate 1 sterilized needle White thread 1 white tea towel Water

Analyzing Results and Respecting Beliefs

Although we are exploring sympathies, it is essential to respect the boundaries between beliefs and science. Remember that for medical confirmation of pregnancy, a pharmacy test or blood test is essential.

Other versions of Simpatia

There are a few different versions of this ancient sympathy. Check out one of these variations in the video below.

Final considerations

Respect for Traditions and Scientific Knowledge

It's beautiful and valuable to preserve traditions and keep the flame of our grandmothers' practices alive. However, when seeking answers in spirituality and folk wisdom, always keep one foot in science, using traditional methods as a complement to up-to-date medical knowledge.

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By following the paths of tradition and spirituality, respecting ancient practices and embracing scientific knowledge, we move towards a more holistic understanding of life and the mysteries that surround it.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any spells to find out if I'm pregnant?

The short answer is: yes, several and the most famous of them is "Grandma's Sympathy to find out if I'm pregnant". However, we recommend that, in addition to the sympathy, you take at least one pharmacy pregnancy test!

Are there any ancient spells to find out if you're pregnant?

Yes, there are several ancient sympathies for finding out if you're pregnant. We recommend this one from the site Strong Sympathies.






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